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FORMTRACER Avant S3000 Series
SERIES 178 — Surface Texture Measuring Instruments

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• FORMTRACER Avant S3000 Series
are highly functional and user-friendly
surface roughness measuring systems with
innovative design features.
• The FORMTRACER Avant S3000 Series
includes models with inclined drive unit.
Inclining the drive
unit makes it easier
to approach target
surfaces and measure
large workpieces.
• Equipped with an
operability focused,
new style remote box.
The new part program
key strongly supports manual
• High throughput is achieved thanks to high
drive speed (X axis: Max. 80 mm/s, Z2 axis:
Max. 30 mm/s) and acceleration (X axis: 30
• All connecting cables are contained within
the measuring instrument to eliminate any
inconvenience during measurement.
• The Z1-axis detector is equipped with a
built-in anti-collision safety device.
• A variety of detector holders (optional) are
• A detector for measuring contours can be


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