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Pulse Cutting Band Saw Machine


These machines cut materials by applying pulse vibration to the blade. Pulse cutting works to reduce cutting resistance
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■ Features(1) : High speed cutting
  • The pulse cutting technology reduces cutting resistance thereby minimizing blade teeth wear. The double column guide installed to the high rigidity frame makes a contribution to high speed cutting performance.
■ Features(2) : Longer blade life
  • The network-based CNC controller is introduced in combination with the hybrid real time cutting control. Optimum cutting database supports high speed cutting and increases a blade life.
■ Features(3) : Minimized inclusion of chips
  • Our new 3D double wire brush design significantly increases chip-blade separation performance in removing chips from the blade, which increases a blade life and minimizes chip inclusion.
■ Features(4) : Efficient chip ejection
  • This machine model is equipped with a built-in wide chip conveyor. Improved frame construction and obstruction-free space underneath the chip generation area are advantageous for efficiently ejecting a large volume of chips generated from the high speed cutting process.
■ Features(5) : Back gauge function
  • Our back gauge function built in this model has gained popularity among users. The feeding vise can be used as a back gauge for facilitating the cutting of remnants to produce shorter products. This model is designed to cut up to 95mm or 35mm with the optional back gauge jig.


Cutting capacity
Round (Dia)φ30 – 430φ30 – 530
Rectangle (W x H)30 x 30 – 430 x 43030 x 30 – 530 x 530
Blade size (W x T x L) (mm)54 x 1.6 x 610067 x 1.6 x 7000
Blade speed (m/min)15 – 120
Motors (kW)Saw blade1115
Hydraulic pump2.2
Coolant pump0.25
Wire brush0.2
Saw head
Pulse cutting0.09
Power requirement (kVA)2533
Stroke length (mm)500
Tank capacity (L)Hydraulic28
Table height (mm)700800
Allowable load (Mass of work) (kg)30004600
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm)2850 x 2113 x 20233240 x 2113 x 2460
Mass of machine (kg)47005500

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